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DTC Code? Read it with an ODB2 Reader

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DTC Code? Read it with an ODB2 Reader

All of us hate to see the gut wrenching, heart stopping SES light on our dash. Millions of things jump right through our head, but in the end the ultimate question is, “What could be wrong?”

Sometimes we create the error when working on the motorcycle. Maybe we forget to hook something up. Or maybe while working on it we somehow crimped a wire. Other times it could just be normal wear and tear on the motorcycle. In the end we don’t know what is wrong.

Well don’t fret too much. You probably do not need to buy an expensive reader or have a shop charge an arm and a leg to hook up their reader to it to see what the error is. You more than likely can hook up to your motorcycle directly and read the code.

But how? There is no ODB2 connection!

True, but there are adapters! A lot of modern bikes use the red euro style connectors, others use proprietary connectors but you can probably find them with a simple Google or Amazon search.

For example, you can find the euro style adapter that works on 2020+ Kawasaki Ninja 1000SXs here on Amazon:

You can find the connector for 2019 and earlier models here on Amazon:

On my YouTube channel I go over how to hook up and read codes on my 2021 Ninja 1000SX – and it is similar across other models such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.


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