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Motorcycle Safety in Electrical Storms

When riding a motorcycle, you should avoid electrical storms as much as possible. Lightning can be deadly in itself, but couple that with being knocked unconscious or unable to control the bike and you have to deal with an accident on top of that. Your body is already in a state of shock from the lightning strike, but then you have to deal with the shock and damage of the accident, and that’s assuming you even survive the impact.

Avoid electrical storms – that includes heat lightning. Lightning can strike up to ten miles away. That means even though you have clear skies over head, you can still be struck from the storm off a little in the distance. Also remember that if you don’t see lightning, but you hear thunder, it is still there.

Since 2006, only eleven riders have lost their lives due to lightning strikes, but keep in mind most riders avoid the storms to begin with. There is a 99% chance that if you are riding and you are struck by lightning it will be fatal.

Riding faster does not make a difference. Lightning travels at speeds around 300,000 MPH. So even at 100 MPH you are virtually stopped

Your tires do not protect you.

Your gear does not protect you.

You are literally a lightning rod traveling down the road.

So please, do not ride in an electrical storm.

This is a short post because I did a YouTube video on this, so go check it out!